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Moderation - 25 Years Radio FRO

On Saturday, October 21 from 8:30 p.m
Robson is part of the host team for the 25th anniversary Radio FRO Gala at the venue “Stadtwerkstatt”. (2023)

Hartlauer Foto Galerie: Exhibition: " DU. UND ICH."

I am currently part of the exhibition “DU. UND ICH.”
Portrait versus Selbstportrait 01 March – 28 April 2024
From Friday to Sunday and every public holiday, always from 11 am to 7 pm.

AM Pöstlingberg 12
4040 Linz

Picture/Shooting by OLIVER ERENYI



Themes “Barbie Girl” , “Neon sequins” “Oppenheimer” (2023)

Pictures by
Oliver Erenyi

Tape recordings Elektrik Skin (2022)

Pictures from
Oliver Erenyi

Cover shoot “Momentaufnahmen” (2021)

Pictures from
Oliver Erenyi

Pictures with effects (2020)

Pictures by
Markus Schneeberger

Outside (2020)

Pictures by
Christian Kozmata

Coat (2020)

Pictures by
Ralph Perei



Eclipse Fashion Art Project (2022)

Created by
Oliver Erenyi · Anna Lienbacher

Pictures by
Oliver Erenyi

Beautyshoots by
Alex Schwarz

Olivia Bonner

Jasmin Lugmayr

Robson Darker
Lisa Moon


The singer Robson Darker is based in Linz / Upper Austria since 2009. In 2018, he had his first global release titled “Erheben+Leben.” This EP included eight tracks and was produced by the local musician Jürxn Bazoka.

In 2021, a full-length album titled “Momentaufnahmen” followed, featuring collaborations with various artists including Hillberg & D-Tex, Chrizzpsy, Bleached Modesty, AC4 Beats and Elektrik Skin.
In addition, Robson hosts two radio shows on the regional station Radio FRO: the “ann and pat Radioshow” and “Electric City”.

In 2022, he was booked as a model for the “Eclipse Fashionartproject” by the Linz- based photographer Oliver Erenyi. Erenyi also shot the pictures for Robson Darker’s website and booked him for another Oppenheimer-themed shooting.
The Linz pop-rock band “Paul!” engaged Robson as the lead actor for their music video “lauf bunny lauf” in early 2023.

He also was part of the hosting team for the 25th anniversary Radio-FRO-Gala at the event venue “Stadtwerkstatt”. (2023)

Currently Robson is involved in various music productions with Ralphy Grey, Hardchills, DJ Olaf8, Martighan, Luke Tangerine, Jürxn Bazoka, The Find,  Hillberg & D-Tex, Jürxn Bazoka & Elektrik Skin.